obesity Just how far is to far?How fat do we have to get to be too fat?

Our nation has set THE World Record as being the fattest nation, ever! What are the dire consequences? And do we as a nation care? There is hope! A whole foods plant based diet cures Obesity and many other food related diseases.

Nancy, obese looses 75lbs

Nancy, obese looses 75lbs “I barely left the house, and I had removed myself from all social functions, because I was just too ashamed of the way I looked and felt. I felt physically uncomfortable all the time; whether I was sitting in a chair, or the car, or lying in bed, my body felt awful. My feet would hurt even if I walked just a little bit. I ached from head to toe, and I was exhausted most of the time and had very little energy to do normal every day tasks. My life was on hold.” – Nancy

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America’s Obesity Epidemic by The Numbers


The Obesity Epidemic: Still an Epidemic

“Obesity is still the biggest threat to the health of Americans. The significant number of obese children and adults in the U.S. continue to fuel our high rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and even cancer, not to mention countless premature deaths.” – drfuhrman.com (click here for the full story)