Rooterville, A Sanctuary Inc. presents YES2VEG Why Love One & Eat the Other?

home-cnt-img1 This web site is dedicated to the billions of animals killed every year by the hands of humans-us. And to the loved ones that each of us have lost from food related diseases, which include: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, strokes, and obesity. We support the evil, inhumane factory farm system by choosing to eat meat and dairy items which results in the destruction of our health, the planet’s health, along with the abuse and slaughter of God’s precious animals.

home-cnt-img2 We each have a moral and ethical responsibility to our family, friends and community to share this knowledge and make it our priority. The Western diet has destroyed not only our health but our planet’s vital resources including the rainforests and our supply of fresh water. Today billions of animals live in misery on factory farms. Each of these issues on its own is reason enough to demand change. Now is the time to change course!

Use this web site for a new beginning. You will find links to the three main themes: Healthy Living, Choosing Kindness, & Caring for Creation so we can leave something worth having for our children and future generations. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit education and outreach web site of Rooterville, A Sanctuary Inc. If you have been helped or agree with us please consider giving. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for stopping by!

– Elaine West, founder of Rooterville, A Sanctuary Inc. & Life Reclaimed Ministries

A message from Elaine West, founder of Rooterville, A Sanctuary Inc. & Life Reclaimed Ministries.

home-cnt-img3 Please consider giving to this great cause now. Each minute of everyday over 30 people die from heart disease and 15 from some form of a food related cancer. Each second of every day, thousands of animals are mercilessly killed for our taste buds, hundreds of acres of rainforest are destroyed for more farmland to feed cattle and our aquifers are being drained of fresh water. Our diet of meat/dairy is simply not sustainable

If that were not enough, 80% of our grain is grown to feed livestock, grain which could keep billions of children from starving every year! Help us spread this message of hope, healing and kindness.” Please, give today. We’re thankful for your compassion and active participation.